The Technology That IT Experts Are Most Thankful For

The experts at Blackink IT share what technology they're most thankful for this Thanksgiving season.
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This time of year, it’s important to take time to reflect on everything that we are grateful for. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the team here at Blackink IT has taken the time to reflect, but has also done what we do best – we’ve put a technology spin on the holiday!

In this article, Blackink team members weigh-in on the technology (devices, software, applications, etc.) that they are most thankful for this year.

AJ our infrastructure administrator

Office365 Endpoint Manager (Intune)

AJ, Infrastructure Administrator

“The tech I am most thankful for would have to be the Endpoint Manager, Intune, in Office 365. This gives us the ability to manage devices down to incredible detail, get an overview of the install status of applications, and assists with compliance and ease of deployments. It’s a tool that can be used at a very base level, or can be finely tuned for ultimate control over devices in your environment. I love working with it, and it has allowed us to better support our clients.”

Sarah our administrative specialist

NASA’s Artemis 1 / The Artemis Mission

Sarah, Administrative Specialist

“I am grateful for NASA's Artemis 1 and the Artemis Mission. There have been a lot of really exciting developments that are being made in the space exploration industry. Getting to see the first woman to land on the moon gives me something to look forward to!”


Dale our senior service analyst

Our Clients & the IT / Customer Support Industry

Dale, Senior Service Analyst

“I’m thankful that I’ve gotten to do what I love - IT Tech/Customer Support - for 40+ years. I am also thankful for my amazing customers, because I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without them!”


Lennon a service analyst


Lennon, Service Analyst

“I am most thankful for encryption in all its wonderful forms. Not many people realize how much the infrastructure of the internet and their data depends on encryption to function reliably and securely.”

Kyle a project manager


Kyle, Project Manager

“I'm thankful for FaceTime, because with the tap of a button, it can bring me together with my entire family and give me a quick reminder of the people and things I'm grateful for, even when I'm thousands of miles away!

An honorable mention goes to my Oura ring because it tells me everything I need to know about my sleep on a daily basis.”


Our marketing specialist Jack

Adobe Creative Suite

Jack, Marketing Specialist

“I would say that I’m most grateful for the AdobeCreative Suite and all the incredible applications included. Learning Premiere Pro was what jumpstarted my love for creative work, and the Adobe products allow me to work in videography, graphic design, photography, animation, and much more. A special shoutout goes to a few of my favorite Adobe applications: Premiere Pro, Audition, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects!”

Katie's in business development

Apple Pencil

Katie, Business Development

"I'm thankful for my Apple pencil this year (yes, Apple products are the best, despite all of the debate in the Blackink office…). It's helped me stay organized for both personal and work-related note taking!"


Our solutions engineer Kyle

Power Automate, PowerShell, & other scripting languages

Kyle, Solutions Engineer

“I'm most thankful for technology like Power Automate, PowerShell, and the various other scripting languages that allow us to automate and streamline the mundane - tasks that are repetitive and need not be done manually, because they're boring.  Automation allows us to reduce these efforts and enable ourselves and our clients to be more productive, and do more of the exciting stuff!”

Our security specialist Deandra


Deandra, Security Specialist

“The piece of technology I’m thankful for is my phone. It lets me connect with my family and friends that are far away in distance. It’s also a great way to quickly reply to those work emails!”


Service analyst Karly

Old YouTube to MP3 Converters

Karly, Service Analyst

“I'm going to shoutout an oldie but goodie, and say I'm most thankful for the original YouTube to MP3 converter sites from back in the day. They supported my love of music from a young age, and have given me the perspective that now makes me incredibly grateful to live in a day and age in which Spotify exists!”


Andrew, a infrastructure engineer


Andrew, Infrastructure Engineer

“I'm thankful for YouTube and the creators on it. Without which, I never would have become interested in computers, and then started my IT career that I very much enjoy.”


Jackson, providence cristo rey high school corporate work study intern

Portable Chargers

Jackson, Providence Cristo Rey High School Corporate Work Study Intern

“I'm thankful for portable chargers - they are able to help keep devices charged when you can't get to an outlet!”

Here at Blackink IT, we are most thankful for all of the incredible companies that we have the opportunity to work with on a daily business. We are passionate about helping businesses utilize technology to reach their full potential - all while keeping them safe and productive. Interested in learning more about Blackink IT and how we can assist your organization? Reach out today - we're excited to meet you!

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