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Strategic Services

Change technology wants into actionable outcomes. We combine culture, tools, and processes to align your organizational goals with technology.

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Analyze. Architect. Align.

It starts with understanding your needs in the 1-10-100 method, which you might think of it as the walk-jog-run approach. At each point our team will check in to confirm we are going in the right direction. Then we’d develop a solution road map that will get you to your ideal destination. Lastly, you’d say “yes—that’s exactly where we want to go” and our team would execute on the plan. The final meeting confirms we arrived to your destination.

graphic showing how we move: understand the client's business goals, analyze the current tech environment and governance, define the Gap together, collaborate on ideas, establish roadmap, implement go forward plan
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Only aligned teams win.

Only aligned teams win. We believe in setting expectations that allow both the client and Blackink IT to win at the end. Our motto is “IT is a two-way street.” This requires identifying the necessary resources from both your team and Blackink IT’s to reach the ideal destination.

Blackink IT will provide a Project Manager who guides the plan and strategically pulls in our engineers, solution architects, and consultants to efficiently execute. The Project Manager will work with the client’s team to gather necessary information and confirm the direction of the project. The destination is reached once both teams are happy with the success of the project.


No technology is applied the same for every company, even if you buy the same system, software, or process. Every organization has a unique mission and vision—that’s what makes them differentiated in their space.

We apply our approach and team to customize solutions to technology problems you are facing. These might include ransomware survivability or other risk mitigation strategies. Therefore, it is important to utilize automation and improve processes to scale your organization. Our goal is to understand your problem and tailor a solution that’s the right fit for you.

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What is the project that keeps getting bumped to next quarter? Let us help you get it done now.

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