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Managed Security

Keeping the organization safe.
A comprehensive service that focuses on keeping your organization’s people, data and network safe and secured.

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In the world we live in, it’s inevitable
that you will have a cybersecurity event.

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Our commitment

We care about our clients and community; their level of safety is critical to maintaining business operations. We make a promise to go above and beyond the requirements to ensure we hold ourselves accountable. Therefore, we took on a multi-year initiative to achieve PCI DSS certification in 2020 enabling us to meet new and growing cybersecurity threats. Through our third-party audited Attestation of Compliance, we can show prospective and current clients that we perform our work to a high standard of excellence to mitigate risks.

Our Approach

We focus on making sure your people, processes, and technology meet and exceed the level of security needed to maintain ongoing operations. Through the tools and technology established in the Blackink Way, we will engage with the organization to protect it from internal and external threats.  This is an iterative process that continuously assesses, identifies, mitigates, and protects the end users, data, networks, and organization.

Our approach gives organizations the time to focus on their business objectives, while we focus on your safety. The result is a streamlined process leveraging automation, increasing accuracy, and decreasing staff effort.

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Your people

Are you preparing the first line of defense, your people? It is critical the individuals in your organization can identify and appropriately respond to cyberattacks. The Blackink Way provides a process to ensure your organization is empowered to work as usual with the confidence you are secured.

A Blackink IT member working on security measures.

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