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Managed IT

Technology that works for you, not against you. A strategic partnership that improves IT operations to achieve business goals.

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Keeping your team productive with proactive, comprehensive IT support that works to mitigate potential issues before they impact operations. From managing IT help desk requests to ensuring seamless employee onboardings, we handle everything related to user devices, connectivity, and applications, while ensuring users are safe.


Ensuring reliability and security while maximizing performance of your IT infrastructure, both on-premises and in the cloud. From design, to configuration, to monitoring, we manage all aspects of your network, servers, and cloud infrastructure. Additionally, we safeguard your critical assets through backup management and security monitoring, with a focus on maximizing business continuity.


Creating technology strategy that aligns with long-term business objectives. We work closely with your team to develop comprehensive technology roadmaps, prioritize projects, and manage hardware lifecycles effectively. With transparent service reporting, regular business reviews, and strategic guidance from our experts, we empower you to make informed decisions that enable innovation and growth.

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It's not just tech strategy – it's business strategy.

When you partner with Blackink IT, you’re not getting a partner focused solely on tech – you're getting a partner that works to understand your goals, growth plans, and strategic objectives, because we can help you achieve them. We take the time to understand all aspects of your organization, so that we can be a trusted, proactive partner that helps create strategy and leverage technology to grow your business.

Regulatory Requirements? Compliance? We get it.

With so many different compliance and regulatory frameworks – GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2, FDA, PCI DSS, etc. – businesses often find it difficult to map their specific requirements to the IT and security measures that will help them achieve compliance. With expertise in various frameworks and in highly regulated industries, Blackink IT specializes in helping organizations on their journey to achieving compliance and conducting ongoing validation.

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Our people are our greatest asset.

At Blackink IT, our team is comprised of experienced and compassionate IT professionals who care about the success of your business. They’re experts in their fields, and they’re determined to keep you safe and productive. But above all else, our team lives into our core values of Humanity, Excellence, and Ingenuity in all they do – treating others with the utmost respect, realizing that “just okay” is not okay, and continuously looking to improve processes and find smarter solutions.

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The Security Mindset.

Having a Security Mindset means that everything we do at Blackink IT – even things that fall outside the scope of managed security services – should keep your organization’s safety top of mind. Industry-leading security practices are built into our processes and IT services, so you can rest easy knowing that we’ve worked hard to ensure your organization is secure.

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What are our clients saying?

"The most impressive part about Blackink IT is their follow-up and promptness. They take our matters seriously and they deliver timely service... they are incredibly prompt to deliver a fix. When we call about issues to the helpdesk, they make us feel like we are a priority, and they are able to get us the help we need."
"Blackink IT truly cares about our business, and we feel the same about theirs. They guide us and we never feel like we are asking too much of them, even if we might be. They are always prepared and have an answer for anything we inquire on."
"What I thought was a glitch with just my email turned out to be company-wide. Within minutes of escalating the ticket I had just submitted, I received a call from Blackink. The problem had been diagnosed, and I was walked through the resolution. Within minutes, email was flowing again. It is this responsiveness that continues to make partnering with Blackink IT one of the best decisions I've made for my business!"
"As always, A+ service with fast turn around! I love our Blackink team! Thank you for always keeping us updated and moving!"
"You folks are just amazing... You all are very kind, knowledgeable, and supportive. I have nothing to do but brag on you! Thank you again."
"Your staff is the best, everyone is so friendly and helpful. Thank you for your excellent customer service!"

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