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Managed IT

IT Just Works. A strategic partnership that improves business operations to achieve business goals.

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The Blackink Way

Managed IT is about engineering and designing technology environments that just work. Blackink IT manages the technology so the organization can get optimal operational value. Our processes and solution designs are developed with security top of mind to ensure the organization minimizes cybersecurity risks. The Blackink Way focuses on experienced people who know how to design systems, monitoring and reporting to ensure no surprises, validation of daily backups, and providing the organization up to date documentation, which allows us to provide you with consistent high utilization and proactive support.

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Our team treats you as a person and not an object—we listen to your needs and speak your language. We strive to provide your team the best service and make recommendations to keep you safe and productive. Our team ranges in expertise and skillset, which makes us unique. You will have a team that ranges from Tier 1 Support to Engineers to Solutions Architect, and a Procurement Specialist. At the core it’s our people that make a difference.

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The combination of our processes and tools allows us to monitor, analyze, protect, and support the end users, networks, data, and organization. We are consistently evaluating the tools we use to manage our clients. These are customized to make it work the way you need it to.

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