Biotech Company Expands Operations to Indiana

RayzeBio, a California-based radiopharmaceutical company, works with Blackink IT to expand and improve operations.
RayzeBio facility

RayzeBio, a California-based biotech company, announced in November its plan to invest in a new 63,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. As they enter Phase 3 of clinical trials, this radiopharmaceutical therapeutics (RPT) company plans to hire a large team for this new location in order to continue scaling their great work in cancer drug development.


When RayzeBio began their journey to bring manufacturing to Indy, they knew they needed assistance to scale operations and bring their network online. Given the scope of their work, they also knew it would be important to find a partner that understood Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR Part 11 and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance, as well as the range of other security and compliance standards that are required to ensure their data and processes are secure.


In search of an IT service provider with expertise in highly regulated industries, RayzeBio partnered with Blackink IT to receive infrastructure management, managed IT support, and onsite assistance. First, the Blackink team created a project plan to implement a new network and install top of the line equipment for RayzeBio. Blackink then created a strategic plan of how they would design, configure, install, and test the network equipment, ensuring that RayzeBio’s environment would be secure, scalable, and effectively meet their needs. A thorough and thoughtful approach to planning and implementation ensured that RayzeBio would be able to meet time-sensitive manufacturing demand, as well as increase scalability.


After proposing the strategic plan, Blackink implemented and integrated a hybrid environment consisting of physical and cloud-based servers working in tandem. This strategy keeps business continuity in mind, ultimately reducing downtime, maximizing productivity, and improving data protection. Additionally, the solution implemented by Blackink IT helps RayzeBio achieve FDA and GMP compliance to ensure compliant record processing and a strong security posture.

During the network implementation, the Blackink team installed 29 wireless access points to maximize coverage at RayzeBio’s facility, with plans to expand to the second floor in the near future. Ultimately this install created an environment that could support employees moving throughout the manufacturing floor, as well as complex lab machines connecting to the hybrid infrastructure. With the conclusion of a successful post-wireless site survey, RayzeBio was able to confidently begin manufacturing at their new facility. The solution that has been implemented is flexible, allowing Blackink the ability to deliver a network and infrastructure that is durable, secure, and compliant.

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