How is your MSP helping you put $45,500 a month back into your business?

IT is the plumbing in business. How much time does it take you?

Time = Money. If you ever billed someone an hourly rate you are aware of how much your time is worth. IT is not what brings in the money, but it runs a business. One way to think of it is as the plumbing of a business, you hope it runs smoothly, but when it doesn’t—THERE IS A BIG PROBLEM. I think we can all relate to this.

For example, one of our clients, a CPA firm, in Indianapolis was spending about 8 hours per person on their IT needs in January 2019. After consultation with us, our client was able to update their system and they decreased the time spent on IT by 88.9% after 2 months and after 11 months it decreased another 23.3% from the second month.  

26(employees) x 7(hours saved) x $250(hourly rate) = $45,500 saved per month

We were able to cut the amount of time spent on IT services per person by 7 hours per month. This feeds directly back into the CPA firm’s bottom line as each of their employees were able to put those hours into work for their clients.  

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Written By: Molly Ryan

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