History Matters: The Impact of Indianapolis

Find out how the early 20th century furniture factory off East 16th Street has shaped our story.

History of Our Building

Have you ever considered the impact your location has on your business? For Blackink IT, our headquarters matters to our mission. According to the Indiana Historical Society, this building dates all the way back to the early twentieth century, making it over one hundred years old. It was authorized by the U.S Bank Furniture Company as a warehouse for their inventory. In 1915 the building was obtained by the company Wiegel Cabinet Company who utilized it until 1930. Later, it was sold to a rag recycling company. Since 1980, the building has been the headquarters for several different organizations, including a scrap yard. From the mid-eighties the building was left abandoned. Blackink IT took over the third floor in 2017, and it has been our home ever since.  

Our Neighbors

Of course, what makes this building such a special place to work goes beyond our office on the third floor. As you enter the front door, you will find Provider and Hotel Tango inside. Provider, a local coffee shop serving unique lattes and Hotel Tango, a famous local artisan, are great places to meet. Hotel Tango distills their product right in the building, holding a strong retail market in several grocery stores and liquor stores. Up the staircase to the second floor, you will find Tinker House Events. Tinker House is a beautiful event space with views of downtown Indianapolis. Tinker House also specializes in hosting rustic and alluring events. If you have or ever plan to attend a Blackink IT event, we commonly take advantage of the wonderful space below our office.

Why Indianapolis?

Our location at East 16th Street and the Old Northside neighborhood places us in the heart of the tech industry. Indiana is known broadly for their tremendous growth in technology, and we work to contribute to this growth. Technology is becoming one of Indiana’s most expansive industries, with more than one hundred eighty-four thousand net tech jobs in 2021. Indiana has many skilled tech minds which is beneficial for growing an organization. Thus, Indianapolis is the perfect location for Blackink IT and dozens of other tech companies seeking a home base.  

Our Mission

At Blackink IT, we want to keep our clients and communities safe and productive. Indianapolis allows us to live out our mission every day, by providing educational resources, getting involved in our community, and being a proud member of the technology hub that grows every day.

This post was written by our Providence Cristo Rey Intern, Miracle Anderson.

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