Cybersecurity for Business Leaders: Experts Discuss

Blackink IT recently hosted Cybersecurity for Business Leaders, which focused on security, compliance, and risk mitigation.
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Blackink IT recently hosted Cybersecurity for Business Leaders. The panel provided a space for leaders from various industries to learn about cybersecurity and the growing need for data protection to be incorporated in every aspect of business. At the event, cybersecurity and privacy leaders from Indiana shared their thoughts on recent local legislation and developments in the cyber security space. The panel of speakers included, Sid Bose, Partner of Tech & Cyber Risk at Ice Miller, Greg Fulk, COO and CCO at Valeo Financial Advisors, and State Senator Liz Brown of District 15. Here are the key highlights you need to know about and can use at your business:

State Senate Bill 5

The event began with conversation surrounding Indiana’s recent consumer data protection legislation, Senate Bill 5 (SB5), which was authored by State Senator Liz Brown. Indiana and a growing number of states have recently enacted legislation that puts power in the hands of the consumer when it comes to their personal information.

The bill’s goal is to ensure that when organizations are collecting consumers’ personal information, it is being safely and securely stored. With the Indiana Attorney General set to begin enforcing Senate Bill 5 on January 1st of 2026, businesses across the state should begin the process of preparing to meet compliance in how they store customer data.

According to State Senator Brown, the core belief behind the bill is that “Consumers have the right to know what information they are giving businesses,” and businesses need to “Not just secure data, but maintain it appropriately.” When consumers provide a company information, they should have the assurance of “I can see it. I can manage it. And I can take it away.”

To prepare for this bill, Indiana businesses will need to think about data privacy in new and emerging ways. Panelist Sid Bose highlighted that we live in a “privacy-oriented culture,” and that “companies need to think about privacy as part of their overall offering,” rather than just a side offering. With this legislation, businesses will have to ensure that cybersecurity and data security are top of mind.

In regard to SB5, Liz Brown shared, “The State of Indiana is at the forefront of this legislation. We aren’t just a flyover state anymore. We are business friendly, reasonable, and we are figuring out how to keep individuals and companies’ information safe. There is a middle ground between individual security and business security, and in the middle, the bad actors will be put out of business.” Senate Bill 5 will put our state at the forefront of privacy and cybersecurity, which will help business and consumers alike remain safe and productive.

The Role of the Employee in Cybersecurity

Undoubtedly, people are at the center of the discussion on keeping information safe and secure. Sid Bose shared that, when it comes to cybersecurity breaches, “People are the problem, but they are also the biggest part of your solution. Technical solutions only get so far, and there needs to be adequate training for humans.”

Employees within companies need to be “invited to report incidents, and companies need to think about how they can incentivize employees to buy into cybersecurity.”

Companies rely on people to keep information safe, and training those employees on how to keep information safe is no longer an option. When it comes down to it, cybersecurity is not only about having the right technical solution, but also about having the right people trained and prepared to have a “security first mindset” in all their dealings with company and customer information, according to panelist Greg Fulk.

Vendor & Partner Security

During the event, an attendee asked about how organizations can ensure that their partners and vendors are taking the proper approach to cybersecurity and protecting the data that they collect. Greg Fulk pointed out that “There are no dumb questions, and vendors should be happy to explain and share about how they protect their clients.” If a vendor has a hard time sharing how they keep you and your information safe, that’s a red flag. It’s important to remember that, as you work with outside vendors, you’ll be sharing data and information with them, and it is more than reasonable to ask these vendors how they plan to protect your organization.

Ready to Improve Your Cybersecurity Posture?

The three panelists at Cybersecurity for Business Leaders provided insights into upcoming legislation, privacy best practices, and cybersecurity risk mitigation.

At Blackink IT, our cybersecurity and compliance experts help organizations prepare for what’s to come in order to remain compliant, safe, and productive. Interested in learning more about how Blackink IT can help you achieve compliance, improve your security standing, obtain cyber-insurance, and/or prepare for upcoming legislation? Contact our experts today – we’re excited to learn about how we can help your organization!

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