Blackink IT Introduces Client Engagement Manager

As Blackink continues to innovate and find ways to deliver more value to clients, a dedicated Client Engagement Manager has been added to the team.
Maya Caldwell, our client engagement manager

Here at Blackink IT, we are excited to announce the addition of a Client Engagement Manager to our team. This individual will work closely with our clients to ensure that Blackink is delivering the maximum value while keeping clients safe and productive. Our Client Engagement Manager will be clients’ direct contact with Blackink for all non-service request related communication.

Why are we adding this new role? Simply put, Blackink is always looking for ways that we can improve and provide the most value to the companies we work with. After careful consideration, it was decided that adding a team member that is dedicated to engaging with clients – a “point person” for client communication – was the best way for Blackink to continue building stronger relationships and better assist companies with their technology strategy.

Two of the keys to Blackink’s success have been strong communication and a comprehensive understanding of the companies we partner with – our newly added Client Engagement Manager will help us improve even further in both of these areas.

As she begins working in her role, be on the lookout for more information from our Client Engagement Manager, Maya Caldwell.

Interested in meeting with Maya? Feel free to put time on her calendar here!

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