We are all Human, Which is the Problem Webinar Recap

If you missed our last webinar on cybersecurity, read on to learn about the 6 action steps you can take to keep your organization safe.

It is vital for organizations to stay secure during this age of habitual cyber-attacks, but where do you start? At Blackink IT’s cybersecurity webinar on December 2nd, John “Boomer” Boomershine outlined six action steps that you and your team can right now to prevent and prepare for future attacks.  

The first action step is knowing your organization’s risk score. Blackink IT can guide your team through a risk assessment to help you identify some of the vulnerabilities in your organization and where you need to focus your attention. This first step is vital in the journey of cybersecurity, and it starts with a discussion including your management and IT teams.  

Step two is verifying the Multi-Factor Authentications, or MFAs, and backups that your organization has in place. Boomer pointed out that, “many insurance companies won’t even insure you from a cybersecurity perspective unless you can provide proof that you have MFA.” Backups are also a vital part of cybersecurity, as having them in place can provide peace of mind in the event of a breach because you will be prepared to restore the data you need.  

The importance of password management is the third step. Boomer stressed four major points to ensure that passwords are made secure, including complexity, adequate length, frequent changes, and avoiding old passwords or derivatives. He suggested using a password management tool such as LastPass or OneKey to assist in making your passwords secure and storing them safely.

Step four looks at building and training your team, making them aware of what they are up against. Boomer believes a strong cyber team should consist of someone from management, an internal or external IT representative, as well as a representative from each company department: finance, sales, etc. You will also want to have your attorney and cyber insurance company on the team, as they should be the first ones you contact after a breach.  

The fifth step is having policies in place to help your team know exactly what to do in the event of a breach. This preparedness provides a level of comfort and confidence for your team. Blackink IT has various materials outlining best-practice procedures for cyber-attacks that can help get your team started.

Step 6 – what is your plan? Have you made your team? Do you know your risks? Boomer encourages you to start a discussion with your company’s management team so you can begin your cybersecurity journey.

If you were not able to attend this webinar and want to know more about what this means for your organization, please contact Blackink IT here. Allow us to help you get back to restful nights by knowing you and your team are secure and prepared for future attacks.

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