Unified Communications: What Is It, and How Can It Help Your Company?

Discover how Unified Communications can provide a more efficient, centralized platform for all your business communication tools.
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Simplify Your Business Communications with Unified Communications

Business communications, specifically business phone systems, have changed dramatically over the last few years. There are now more (and better) options than onsite systems and outdated phone lines from an incumbent telecommunications provider. Unified Communications provides a better solution for many small-to-medium size businesses.  

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications (UC) is a way of delivering enterprise voice communications and other collaboration applications - such as unified messaging, presence, cloud faxing, video, and more - under a single, connected platform.  

UC is your business phone system that your provider manages. No more dealing with onsite switching equipment, paying maintenance fees, and other hassles of managing an onsite system.

Although UC might sound complicated, it is really a way to simplify your business communications, often for a much lower cost than traditional phone systems.  

Benefits of Unified Communications

Unlike traditional phone systems, UC is an all-in-one solution. Traditional systems require onsite switching equipment, as well as service from a telecommunications provider.

With UC, your provider manages your business communications in the cloud, which means no maintenance fees, system upgrades, or hassles on your end. Other benefits include seamless integration of communications among various devices, including your desk phone, computer, and mobile device. All of this leads to better communications, more collaboration, and improved efficiency.

Here are a few other benefits:

1)  Affordable

UC offers month-to-month service with no required long-term contracts. Upfront costs are low compared to traditional phone systems since there is no onsite switching equipment to purchase. The service is a simple and predictable monthly price.

2)  Scalable   

There are no system capacity issues. You can expand as you grow without adding expensive onsite switching equipment or incurring yearly maintenance costs.  

3)  Flexible  

There is no need to buy and maintain separate phone systems. Instead, you can connect multiple business locations under a single platform. This allows for centralization and increased efficiency.  

4)  Mobile

UC offers options to work anytime, anywhere; you’re no longer tied to the office for voice calls or other UC platform functionality. Additionally, you can support your field workforce with communication tools that increase productivity and provide flexible options for onsite staff to work remotely from time to time.

5)  Connectable

UC connects your desk phone with your computer and mobile phone for a seamless communications experience. You also can connect and integrate with CRMs, Help Desk applications, and ERP systems.  

Ready to Simplify Your Businesses Communications?

Are you tired of managing an onsite phone system? Are you tired of poor customer support from your existing VoIP provider? Ready for a solution that supports your entire office without purchasing expensive hardware? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it is worthwhile for you to look into UC solutions for your business.  

Learn more about simplifying and improving your businesses communications by requesting a free quote today!

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