Meet the Orr Fellows Behind Blackink IT

Introducing the past and present Orr Fellows who work at Blackink IT.
Four Orr Fellows at Blackink IT

What is Orr Fellowship?

Orr Fellowship has played a significant role in the growth of Blackink IT. Beginning in 2002, Orr Fellowship is a two-year commitment to work at a dynamic partner company in Indianapolis. Fellows’ #1 requirement is to do great work for their employers and companies are to provide well-rounded, challenging work experience along with a robust network. Fellows also commit to recruitment, active participation in Orr events and professional development initiatives, and hands-on work experience in high-growth environments.  

Who are your Orr Fellows?

At Blackink IT, we currently have five Orr Fellows, both past and present, serving our organization: Kyle Mettler, Katie Noble, Cat Edmonds, Molly Ryan, and Kyle Behringer. Each fellow plays a different role in the success of our organization, from marketing, to sales, to consulting, to tech servicing, to project management. Clearly, fellows come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

How is it being an Orr Fellow and working at Blackink IT?

Being an Orr Fellow means much more than working a typical 9-5 job. Kyle Mettler explains that, “Having a community of unique, interesting, and driven peers to hang out with and learn from has made the transition to post-grad life easy and exciting. My role as an Orr Fellow at Blackink has challenged me to take initiative and accelerate my career development, while the Fellowship itself has challenged me to continue learning, growing, and forming meaningful connections beyond the workplace.”

"The beauty of Orr Fellowship is the chance to work for an organization that is greater than you ever imagined," Cat Edmonds shares, “Orr Fellowship introduced to me to Blackink IT. I didn’t have an interest in IT prior to working here and couldn’t imagine not working here now. I am very thankful for Orr Fellowship pulling me out of my comfort zone and encouraging me to take the leap into the IT industry.”  

As a rising tech-hub, the Indianapolis community offers immense opportunity in the technology industry. Orr Alumnus Kyle Behringer understands, “Working for a technology company is a no-brainer for me. Personally, it's just the background I have, but the potential growth, career opportunity, and daily variety is immense.  In the grand scheme, technology as an industry is relatively new and will continue to evolve significantly.  At Blackink IT, we're fast paced and constantly adjusting to industry trends, so we're always learning and delivering top of the line services and solutions.”

“At Blackink IT, the executives are committed to developing their employees and building a culture that cares for one another personally,” Katie Noble shares, “Through various team-building activities, lunches, happy hours, and additional training for certificates—Blackink IT invests in their talent to ensure they are growing personally and professionally together.” These are the types of Partner Companies that Orr Fellowship matches to its candidates.  

So, where do I apply?

All that is required is a resume, a video interview, a graduation date of December 2021 or May 2022, and a GPA above 3.2.  

Visit to apply today!

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