Compromised Passwords = Majority of Breaches. How do you lock’em down?

Compromised passwords make up most breaches, how secured are your logins? Have you thought about DUO MFA?
DUO keeps you secured and protected

What if you could implement a sure-fire way to make it much more difficult for your companies’ data to be stolen? About 80% of security breaches involve compromised passwords. These passwords are often compromised through email phishing attempts. Although it is wise to train employees so they do not click suspicious links, human error prevails, and it is nearly impossible to prevent password-compromise at some point. Not all these breaches are even within your company’s control. What if someone has a personal account hacked? Are you confident your employees are not using similar passwords on their work account(s)? Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds another layer of protection so that, even when an account is compromised, you can have confidence that your companies’ data is not at risk.  

Why use Duo Multi-Factor Authentication?

  • Ease of use: Implementing security improvements in your company can come with some cost, whether it’s money or time. You are adding another ‘hurdle’ one must get through to access resources they need to perform their job. Duo Multi-Factor Authentication eases this friction by simplifying the Multi-Factor Authentication process, so your employees can start doing their job more quickly. Many Multi-Factor authentication solutions require you enter a 6-digit code or wait for an SMS code to arrive to your phone. Duo Multi-Factor Authentication sends a push notification to your cell phone so you can simply ‘Approve’ the notification to gain access. It also allows you to remember your device for a period so you can log back in more quickly once you start your workday.

Typical MFA requires a 6-digit code to be entered:

An unique six digit authenticator code

Duo MFA allows access by just approving a notification:

an approve and a deny button
  • Integration: Duo Multi-Factor Authentication integrates with many common services, from adding a layer of protection to your computer login to an online software tool, Duo can often add a layer of protection to your companies’ data. This makes it so you can utilize just one Multi-Factor Authentication utility for all your MFA needs. Having a unified Multi-Factor authentication solution makes it easier to setup MFA on most all your technologies. You have one solution instead of a different MFA product on each of them.
  • Control: Want to only allow access to a service from your corporate office? What about only allow access from the United States? Maybe even only force MFA approval when someone is outside of your corporate office? The extra layer of control that Duo Multi-Factor Authentication gives you allows one to put more rules around how MFA behaves and increase compliance by specifying where certain technologies can be accessed. Duo Multi-Factor Authentication adds more control to how, where, and when Multi-Factor Authentication is used for your organization.

With so much of work being done using online tools, you only grow more exposed to threats from around the world. Duo Multi-Factor Authentication allows you to have the confidence that your data is protected while ensuring this extra layer of protection does not impact the productivity of your company. At Blackink IT, we utilize all of the best practices to ensure our clients' passwords are protected. Interested in learning how Blackink IT can help you implement MFA, as well as other password management best practices? Reach out today!

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