Can Chaos Be Good?

How should your business strategy evolve during uncertain times?
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As humans, we want control over the unknown. Over the last few months, business leaders have been questioning: “Should I stick to my strategic path, or change course?”  

Let’s face it, chaos can create anxiety and frustration. However, chaos can force necessary change. There are a few factors that should be considered when understanding what’s next for your business strategy.  

Uncertainty With Incentives

While most work to avoid uncertainty, it can inspire incentives for employees. Ayelet Fischbach, author of Get it Done: Surprising Lessons from the Science of Motivation, shares, “We tend to work harder when rewards are uncertain” (Fast Company). We become curious to find out, since the outcome is not guaranteed. In this case, how can you optimize the unknown, increasing employee motivation.

Fischbach found, “Uncertainty by itself is no fun; no one likes staying in the dark. But resolving the uncertainty, learning the payoff for your efforts, and thereby moving from the dark to the light, is psychologically rewarding.” As leaders, your position is to resolve the inevitable uncertainty so that employees can feel satisfied by their efforts.  

Think about your business: how can you take advantage of uncertainty and create opportunities for motivation?  

What Makes a Good Leader During These Times?

Good leaders have found ways to optimize their current environment. At its core, understanding people and how to influence them to be their best.

When uncertainty arrives, it’s more important than ever before for the entire team to feel connected to the mission of the organization.

Ensure the team knows the mission and understands how they contribute (Forbes 2022). Encourage conversations among employees at all levels about the “mission.” Transparency is key.

Instilling Hope  

According to the Gallup Workplace article, we discover that employees have four primary needs of their leaders: trust, compassion, stability, and hope. You may become preoccupied by creating solutions that hope has taken the back-burner.  

The unknown is uncertain. Strategizing how you can keep employees motivated by embracing uncertainty will keep the work exciting and challenging. It will provide a sense of hope that regardless of the conditions, we should always work toward the potential for great outcomes.

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