Blackink IT Corporate Work Study with Maliyk Barnett

Maliyk Barnett shares his story on attending Providence Cristo Rey High School and what the Corporate Work Study Program has meant to his future.
Corporate work study intern Maliyk Barnett

Before Attending Providence

Before I became a Providence Cristo Rey (PCRHS) student, I attended a public middle school. It was around the end of my 8th grade year when I received a letter from PCRHS. I wasn’t sure it would be the right fit at first. After my mom and I did some research, we decided to give it a try. I wanted to try it out for at least a year to see how I felt about PCRHS. As the weeks went by, I realized how much I was enjoying myself.

What It Is Like to Attend  

Attending PCRHS has brought joy and laughter to my day to day, whether it’s between classmates or with our staff.  One of my favorite parts about PCRHS is the people. The people at PCRHS are welcoming and friendly and I’ve made some amazing friends. Another thing I enjoy about PCRHS is how smoothly classes run. Compared to my previous schools, PCRHS provides opportunities for self-improvement, a chance to try again. PCRHS also does a great job with their students making us better and preparing us for “the real world.”  

Recently, I’ve signed up for baseball with the spring season beginning in late March. I am looking forward to have an exciting season with my teammates. Although this is only my first year at PCRHS, I feel as though my perspective has changed. Having new opportunities and interests has been a rewarding experience.  

Corporate Work Study Internship

What I love about Corporate Work Study (CWS) is how we're preparing for adulthood. My time at Blackink IT has been a chance to learn. I've tried many things for the first time. Some of my responsibilities include renaming and fixing files in the computer, inventory and starting coding. Now, I’m learning a kind of coding called Power Automate. What I’ve learned about myself at Blackink is I like working with computers more than I could have imagined. I used to want to be a video game developer, now I want to discover how to build computers. I hope I continue to explore more as the year comes to an end. There are still more skills I'm eager to develop.

Becoming a Partner

If you’d like to give another student the opportunity to learn more about your company and would be interested in partnering with the CWS program, contact us to learn about the partnership experience.

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