Are you a tech company?

Well that might be a trick question...
A man with a corrupted computer seeks out Blackink IT's help

Raise your hand if… you interact with any of the following systems: printer/copier, smart devices, computers, alarm system, etc.

Did you raise your hand? Then, you are a technology company, whether you want to be or not. Majority of companies interact with technology on a regular basis than they ever thought they would. The increase of devices connected to your network increases your vulnerabilities as a company.

Most executives might say, well I want my company to be as secured as possible—but what do they mean by that?

Secure = Behaves the way we expect it to.

If this is the definition, here are the three steps to creating secure systems:

1.    Define the expectations.

2.    Configure the system based on the expectations.

3.    Validate it works the way you expect it to.

The third step is critical. Through validating your systems, you will drive change. If there are no problems, you are not pushing hard enough. This becomes an iterative process as you continue to look for the abnormalities to know where the company’s vulnerabilities might lie.

If you are looking to establish secure processes and procedures, reach out to us today! 

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