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Two tools we have implemented are KnowBe4 and DuoMulti-Factor Authentication to help our employees. Stay secure!
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Afraid of getting hacked? Or clicking on an attachment in an email that wasn’t actually sent from your CEO?  There are plenty of these scams happening in the era of COVID-19 with majority of individuals working at home. We have been working with our clients to ensure that their networks are protected, and their employees are educated. Two tools we have implemented are KnowBe4 and Duo Multi-Factor Authentication to help our employees. Let’s dive into how they help us stay secure!

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Let us introduce you to a great partner of ours, KnowBe4. Threat agents frequently target and take advantage of the human element in organizations across the world to aid in carrying out costly cyberattacks. For example, a ransomware attack against an entire organization could begin from one employee downloading a file from an email, which at first glance, appeared to be from a trusted colleague. Luckily, there are tools available to help your employees learn how to detect and prevent these types of vulnerabilities from being exploited. KnowBe4’s Enterprise Security Awareness Training program provides learning material such as interactive modules, videos, and newsletters so that your employees can begin to recognize how to spot common tactics used amongst attackers. As seen by this graph, they are a top leader in this industry.

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Additionally, the training program will put what your employees have learned to the test by simulating phishing and vishing attacks on the organization. The data on their response to tests will be tracked and presented to them to track their progress.

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Another partner of BlackInk’s is Duo Multi-factor authentication (MFA), which provides an additional security measure to employees to help keep their accounts, and ultimately the organization, safe from being compromised by attackers. Duo’s MFA platform provides an extra step of security in the form of a user-friendly mobile phone app to help further verify an employee’s identity. Duo MFA can be configured for computer accounts, as well as Microsoft Office 365 accounts, to prompt the employee to prove who they are by simply acknowledging a push notification, SMS message, or by entering a randomly generated six-digit code. This easy application adds an extra level of safety, that prevents a lot of time and money from being lost in a hack or breach.

BlackInk IT is focused on making sure your networks are supported, backed up, and protected. You no longer need to worry if your IT infrastructure is running the way it should. You grow your business ,we’ll take care of your technology.

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