An Internship Reflection: Why You Should Apply to the Xtern Program

Learn from our Xtern intern, Deandra Rodricks, about how the program led to her time at Blackink IT.
Xtern Deandra holding balloons and our mascot Bubbles

Deandra began at Blackink IT in June 2021 through the Xtern program. Below is her experience as an intern at Blackink IT.

What I accomplished at Blackink IT:

Being an intern at Blackink IT has been a tremendous learning experience. After 10 weeks, my internship led to learning new things every day. On my very first day at Blackink I understood that I would be given plentiful opportunities to learn and grow. I was handed a new project to analyze, work on, and implement. I was taken by surprise with the amount of trust and responsibility that was put on me.  
I appreciated the guidance I got from my supervisors when I needed it, but I also respected the independency I received throughout my internship. That truly motivated me to give it my best shot and exceed all expectations.  

Blackink IT’s environment and culture:

From the interview process I understood that Blackink IT cares about their employees. The main reason I chose to intern here was because of how comfortable the interview was – I felt that they wanted to understand me and my personality more than my qualifications. I was in awe when I was greeted by all the company executives on my first day itself, introducing themselves to let me know that they were excited to have me onboard. This kindness made me feel extremely special and welcomed.  
I was also delighted when I walked in on my first day and saw my desk decorated with some balloons and Blackink IT “swag”. It was then I grasped an understanding of the culture here – welcoming, encouraging, and pleasant. I could not have asked for a better onboarding experience.  
Another important aspect of Blackink’s culture is fun. Everyone consciously takes time to have spontaneous conversations, run to the windows to watch the crazy traffic, or even hold an after- hours frisbee competition. We also had planned social hours which were extremely helpful to meet and get to know the team. While fun is incorporated in the work culture, I admire our office’s work ethic. Something that stood out to me is not only are Blackink’s employees dedicated to their own work, but they will go the extra mile to help other co-workers – teamwork is key here!

Why you should intern at Blackink IT:

I have gained a lot of knowledge and perspective from interning at Blackink. Not just related to the project I was working on, but also in communication, professionalism, and collaboration. I did not ever feel like an intern; I was always treated as a co-worker and an asset to the team. There was still a steep learning curve, but the team recognized my work as meaningful. I was comfortable here from day one and was not hesitant to ask questions when I was unclear about something. I felt so valued that I could ask anyone at the office for help and I always received it.  
So, my favorite part about the internship was getting to know my coworkers and understanding the kind of work they do here. At Blackink IT you will get multiple opportunities to grow, learn, and advance in your career and as an individual. At Blackink IT, you are always part of the team!

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