Welcome to the Blackink Family

Starting a new job during COVID-19 is difficult, but Blackink makes a point to quickly bring you in to the family.

Written by: Mary Higgins

To be a leader in managed IT operations and infrastructure services providing industry-focused solutions that bring significant value to small and medium enterprise businesses. This is the vision of Blackink IT. A goal that each employee understands, embodies, and strives to accomplish. I was eager and excited to begin my career within an organization that connected with my ideals and encouraged growth. On my first day, I was introduced to the core values that Blackink has in place to achieve this vision and how they support their employees to accomplish their individual and organizational goals.  

Blackink’s core values are teamwork, ownership, ingenuity, excellence, respect, communication, and integrity. All important traits that apply directly to their vision. I was lucky enough on my first week to see some of these values in action. Teamwork is an essential part of any healthy organization. I was immediately embraced by my fellow staff members. Their willingness to help me acclimate to new systems and in teaching me the Blackink way was very indicative of strong teamwork. I also observed a deep level of attention towards communication. This not only applies to having a maintained stream of communication with clients but with each other as well. Utilizing different technology services, the team at Blackink is always connected to each other and their clients. Currently with COVID-19, it is hard to be able to feel connected within an organization on your first week without face-to-face interactions. Not once did I feel disconnected and that is an impressive feat.  

When I woke up on the morning of my first day all I could feel was anticipation and excitement. I could not wait to start my first week. I knew there were going to be some challenges, but I could feel the beginnings of something great. The onboarding process in general is always a little stressful. There seems to be a lot to learn in so little a time. With the teamwork and communication I experienced with Blackink, my first week was informatively helpful but very fun. A wonderful start for someone new.  

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