The Year for Webinars: Learning Made Easy

2021 was the year for webinars. What were some of the highlights?

Learning Made Easy

2021 was the year for webinars. Learning something new happened anytime, anywhere. While having endless information at your fingertips has never been easier – how do you know what is most relevant for you or your organization? We have narrowed down these topics on hybrid work cultures, establishing efficiencies, and improving security. Here are the key points your organization should know from each webinar.


Do you prioritize your work culture?

Company culture means everything to your current and future employees. In 2022, company culture is what retains and attracts new talent to your organization. We have all experienced change in the last two years –whether it is navigating hybrid work environments, onboarding, or learning new tools to stay relevant. Challenge yourself and your organization to keep this top of mind in the New Year and beyond. Some questions you may want to ask: is your company intentional? Are you consistent? Can you find spontaneity in a hybrid world? Consider these questions and more on our recap blog here.


What is your plan for the worst-case scenario?

No one wants to plan for the worst – but it is essential to be proactive, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Let’s face the facts: in 2021, a business fell victim to ransomware every 11 seconds.What will you do to stay ahead of the curb? And if the worst happens, who will you plan to call? Our first tip: find a cyber insurance policy that works for you. With eligibility restrictions increasing, take the steps to qualify now.  Want more ways to prepare? Watch the webinar here to learn more.


Is Everyone On-Board?

While establishing a plan for the worst is critical, plans only work when your team is aligned. During our cybersecurity webinar, we gave tangible tactics to engage your team in the work it takes to stay cyber-secure. What training will you offer, how will you get employees to personally care, and what tools are you implementing to stay protected? Remember, cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility.


Stretch Your Dollar

Think of all the subscriptions you pay for; now think about how many you use. Most offices pay for a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, but are you taking advantage of its benefits? In our Microsoft Teams for Your TeamWebinar, we delved deeper into Microsoft Planner, helping you stay organized and learn delegation strategies. Find our video recap here to see how it can work for you.


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