Blackink’s Return to the Office During COVID-19

Processes to returning to the office safely.

Key steps to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the office:

First step: Determine your needs and health screening requirements. We found the resources listed below helpful in determining our needs.

Second Step: Find useful devices/ resources that will streamline your health screening process. We utilize a no-touch product that performs our daily health screening procedures. This process requires each employee and/or guest to check-in, take their temperature, answer our screening questions, and sign our Blackink IT pledge to practice social distancing and wear a mask while at the office. The product helps with overall compliance and allows you to easily track individuals in the case you need to do contact tracing.  

Third Step: Create a Return-to-Work Plan that will show your new policies and procedures for employees. This should also include your plan for office set-up, capacity limitations, social distancing policies, and mask requirements.

For Blackink IT, we created signage and sanitation stations for the office. Each employee had to attend a safety training meeting before returning to the office. Access to our new COVID policies and procedures is easily accessible. We encourage social distancing by placing employees at every other desk and utilize shield guards. We limited the capacity of our common areas and allowed one person per bathroom. Masks are required by all individuals in the office with a few exceptions.  

Here are a few resources that helped Blackink IT quickly evaluate and develop processes to return to the office:

·       CDC Resources Specific to Industry

·       Are your cleaning supplies EPA certified to kill COVID?

·       Indiana Guidelines and Regulations

·       OSHA’s Employer Responsibilities and Recommended Practices during COVID.

·       Running short on PPE? Reach out to the state health department for help.


We want to help you as it was a daunting process to establish protocol for returning to work. Therefore, if you are interested in implementing a productto keep track of employee data, or help with workstation set-up, reach out to discuss the different possibilities. We are in this together!


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