"Money Can't Buy You Cybersecurity"

Find out why money can't buy you cybersecurity: it requires a combination of conversations, education, and mutual understanding.

"If you have a computer, you're a target in today's threat landscape."(1) In this remote, hybrid, and in-person work environment, I will take a guess that everyone in your organization qualifies as a target. So, how can you stay protected? Does it require expensive software or costly add-ons to prevent your next data breach? You may be surprised that most effective solutions come at little to no cost.  

It is difficult to realize no matter how many products or add-ons you buy, your organization is still at risk of a cyberattack. Without intentional and proactive steps to mitigate threats, one cannot reach their return on cyber investments. Kevin Eisenberger, president of KeyNet Technologies, explains it well:  

“If you come to me and say, ‘I went on your website and saw this high-end security center, give me that,’ the conversation has to be, ‘Thanks, but let’s talk about the other things that go hand-in-hand.’” (1)

So, there is simply not an “all-in-one” product that will keep you and your organization safe. When you do not engage your coworkers, employees, managers, and CEO’s in the necessary conversations and training, consider your money wasted.

Here is how to avoid throwing your money out the window:

  • Install Two-Factor Authentication: Read our blog here about the benefits of DUO Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Educate Employees: Are your employees prepared to defend you? If not, find out where they can start.
  • Risk Management: Have an incident response plan ready.
  • Keep Software Updated: For any platform, install updates as they come.
  • Invest in a specialist: A company like Blackink IT offers skilled professionals that will create a holistic security solution.

Still unsure where to begin? Reach out to Cat Edmonds for a 15-minute phone call.  

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