Join us for "Only A Team Wins: Motivating Employees to Take Ownership of Cybersecurity"

It’s not just executives, VPs, directors, etc. that create risk within the company. It’s EVERYONE. Each employee needs to understand their role in keeping the outside attackers out. It’s important that not just the executives care about keeping the company safe, but the employees should feel as responsible. How do we make cybersecurity relevant to everyone who operates in the company? Ultimately, how do we get everyone to be all in?  

This discussion will include Stephanie Eckerle, Partner at Krieg Devault, John "Boomer" Boomershine, Director of Client Engagement at Blackink IT, and Shawna Neilson, Director of Risk Management at Gibson Insurance, talking through unique ways to empower your employees to play their role in the big game of keeping your company safe.  

Join us on August 31st from 8-9:30 AM at Tinker House Events here.

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