Increase Efficiency with Microsoft Teams Updates

Microsoft Teams develops updates to increase efficiency and collaboration across your teams.

Mid-November is an important time to remember for all Office 365 users. That's when Teams will have new features from its latest update generally available to enhance your experience on the app. Here are a few things to lookout for.

Video Settings: These updates will include features that make it easier to understand your meetings and add a little fun and comradery too.  

  • Noise Suppression Capabilities--> allows you to control the level of noise suppression you want (the days of drowning out your words with fans and lawnmowers are in the past)
  • Improve Accessibility --> live captions will be available in meetings to display which participant is speaking and what they are saying
  • Together Mode --> currently you can place participants in auditorium style seating, new settings will include other locations, such as a coffee shop or conference room, to fit the tone of your meeting

Meeting Settings: Increase the number of screens and effective collaboration across Teams video calls.

  • Large Gallery View --> see as many as 49 participants at once and if someone at the meeting needs the floor, administrators and presenters can now spotlight anyone's screen, which pins the selected video for all meeting participants
  • Breakout Rooms --> discuss separate projects on one call with efficient collaboration within smaller groups

Collaboration: Collaboration is at the core of all Office tools, and this update has only enhanced Teams' capabilities. The key to collaboration is making sure everyone is on the same page.  

  • Meeting Recordings -->Teams allows presenters to save recordings on OneDrive and SharePoint to provide to those who couldn’t attend.
  • Meeting Notes --> continue the conversations after the meeting with Teams

Mobile Updates: If you're on the go but still need to make a meeting, this update includes changes to the way you view meetings on your phone.  

  • Scrollable Participants Tray --> quickly see everyone who is in your meeting
  • Call controls --> always displayed on the screen rather than having to tap to pull them up

Even if some of these changes seem small, they are all focused on improving efficiency and accessibility. With remote work increasing, it is important that companies have the tools they need to continue to be successful. And these improvements to Teams will keep coworkers connected and productive from wherever they work.