How Do You Maintain Company Culture in a Hybrid Workplace?

What are actionable items that I can take to preserve company culture?

Written by Autumn Brown, Administrative Specialist.

Why does having a company culture matter?

Having a good company culture is an essential part of the workplace. It increases employee engagement, motivation, and productivity. It leads to higher employee satisfaction and retention rates. It also helps foster meaningful relationships between co-workers. Retaining that company culture proposes a challenge as hybrid workplaces have become increasingly popular. Post-pandemic, it seems hybrid workplaces will be here to stay. So, what can companies do to maintain their culture and the connection between both in-office and remote employees?

What can I do at my office?

Blackink IT has been intentional in keeping its employees connected to one another as a team and keeping the company culture intact as we transition into a hybrid workplace. One way that Blackink has maintained its people-centered culture is by encouraging each new employee to set up a 15-minute chat with everyone at the company in order to get to know everyone better and on a more personal basis. This offers new hires an organic way to spark a relationship with those who are working remotely.  

At our biweekly all-staff meetings, Blackink promotes inclusivity by allotting time for employees to give kudos to their coworkers, celebrating their good work and loyalty to company values. This offers a chance for remote employees to be recognized, despite not physically being in the office. These meetings include every Blackink employee, allowing the whole team to learn and grow together. Everyone, whether remote or in-person, can engage in discussions together as one team.  

How can we create opportunities to celebrate?

In addition to these meetings, we frequently have events that include both in-person and remote employees. Recently, we had a team event where we ate lunch and played games together for an annual “National Blackink IT Day” (which fell on National Octopus Day). Through this holiday, remote workers were encouraged to come participate in-person. It was a great chance to meet and connect. Finally, for Halloween, both in-office and remote employees took part in a costume contest. Pictures were able to be sent in by all who wished to join and were shared with the whole team.  

We will continue to promote our company culture in future events such as those described above. As we enter into the holiday season, a "Friendsgiving" event as well as a company Christmas Party will create more opportunities to come together. If you are able to encourage the entire team to prioritize culture, values, and personal relationships, it is certain there will be continued growth, no matter what changes the world brings.  

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