How a Great Company Culture Makes for a Great First Week

Learn how our summer intern Jack has found comfort in the unknown with the help of a positive work environment.

Written by Jack Hochstetler

First weeks are daunting. No matter the company culture or how well the interview process went, first weeks always stir up some nerves. So, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t have at least a little tremble in my hand as I opened the glass door that led into the Blackink IT office. However, all the nerves subsided when I was greeted by the welcoming Blackink IT team.

My first three days were guided by a schedule, and following those, I began hands-on work to learn more about my role. It was difficult to only choose a few, but below, I highlighted a few of my favorite moments from those first three days.


One of the things that really stood out to me about Monday was meeting all of Blackink’s executives. In the whirlwind of the onboarding process, I had trouble keeping track of who was in each role. Yet, there was not one individual, even those in senior positions, that made me feel inconsequential. When I met Blackink’s CEO, I was greeted with “Hey Jack, I’m Doug. Really nice to meet you, we’re excited to have you on the team!” To me, this greeting, that intentionally left out a title, showed a lot about the company culture. Everyone feels comfortable approaching everyone, and everyone is approachable, regardless of their position. When leaving the office after day one, I was stopped by a coworker as they asked how my first day was, which turned into a 15-minute conversation about our favorite sports teams and hobbies outside of work. The following day, I would learn that this was actually another one of Blackink’s incredibly friendly execs.  


What I found so interesting about Day 2 was that I spent some of it doing research on the areas of the business I would be working on. The research was then followed up by a meeting with my department head, where I was asked, as a new employee, my opinions on my findings and what suggestions I had for Blackink moving forward. It was undeniable that my opinions were valued, and I would be making a significant impact right away in my new company.


Much of Wednesday was spent visualizing my goals for my future at Blackink.  

  • “What do you want to achieve in your time here?”  
  • “What do you want to gain personally?”  
  • “What do you want to gain professionally?”  
  • "What do you want to learn?"

These were all questions posed to me, and after having time to consider them and jot down some responses, I had a meeting with my manager to review my thoughts and strategize how I could achieve these goals. I then took the notes from this discussion to build out a plan of projects I would start working on right away. It was exciting to immediately start planning projects that I knew I would enjoy, and that would also bring value to Blackink IT.

Overall, I can’t call my first week at Blackink anything other than amazing. The positivity began immediately when I was greeted by a desk full of gifts and balloons, and it has only been reinforced since that first day. As I said before: first weeks are daunting. But those feelings do not last long when you find a welcoming group of people at a company that has the right culture for you!