A High School Student's Opportunity in the "Real-World"

Miracle Anderson shares her story on attending Providence Cristo Rey High School and what the Corporate Work Study Program has meant to her future.

Before Attending Providence

Before I began attending Providence Cristo Rey (PCHRS), I attended a big public high school here in Indianapolis. Deciding whether I was going to stay at my previous school or switch to PCHRS was both the hardest and easiest choice I’ve ever had to make. As someone who played several different sports throughout my entire life, it was a difficult decision to leave a school who had excelled in athletics. The more research I did about Providence the more I begun to see the advantage academically and for my professional future.

What It Is Like To Attend

My favorite thing about PCHRS is how much of a family it feels like, both comfortable and familiar. I always say that one of my favorite things about PCRHS are the small class sizes. Moving from a school where you may not know the name of the person next to you provides a very different experience than going to a school where everyone knows everyone.  

Attending PCHRS offered me opportunities that I would not have received if I stayed at a school with almost four thousand students. I was selected and admitted into becoming a student ambassador, which gives me the opportunity to showcase my school and the advantages that come with it. From my few months at Providence, I had the chance to join our school’s volleyball team. Joining the volleyball team allowed me to meet and connect with so many different girls while learning a sport that was entirely new. Apart from the girls I met, I was also gifted with three amazing coaches who have influenced me not only as a player but as a student and person.

Corporate Work Study Internship

One of the biggest advantages of PCHRS is the CWS (Corporate Work Study) program. The CWS program allows each student to get a feel of what the work force is like and help us discover what we like and dislike by allowing us to attend our CWS job once a week. For my CWS job, I was placed at the company, Blackink IT. I will not lie; I was not the most excited when I found out my job mostly because I dreaded the idea of IT work. But, little did I know IT involves a lot more than what I had previously anticipated.  

During my time at Blackink and experiencing IT marketing, I have come to the realization that I there are many aspects I enjoy. Working for Blackink has helped me become more aware of technology and the possibilities that come with it. While IT may not be my future career path, I have gained invaluable skills both in how to work at an office and the marketing field.

Becoming a Partner

If you’d like to give another student the opportunity to learn more about your company and would be interested in partnering with the CWS program, contact us to learn about the partnership experience.

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